One-step solutions for your projects?

Rapidly Changing Needs

Institutions constantly need new technological applications in parallel with the rapidly developing market economy.

Expertise Requirement

Companies that have difficulty in finding experienced software developers cannot bring their new ideas to life.

Development Processes

Because in order to speed up the development process, it needs to be organized intelligently. When the organization is missing, the development process takes longer.

Unique Requirements

Companies in search of a unique product for their business processes encounter compliance problems during integration into existing systems.

Common Problems About ​Digitalization

The more companies grow, the better projects emerge. ​But there are common problems that need to be solved.

About our business

          Siyeso is a company that offers solutions in line with the needs of institutions, especially in the field of banking and finance. With its experienced staff, it also provides consultancy services to help institutions change their business models.
          Our company, which is a member of Technopark, also produces R&D solutions and continues to support such projects. Our company continues its efforts to provide services not only within the country but also outside the country.
          Our company, which adopts a customer-oriented approach, develops software projects with platform-independent new generation technologies in accordance with the agile approach (AGILE) principles, and aims to help its customers increase their competitiveness.

Our Expertise

We develop projects for different types of customers in below areas.

Wealth Management

Siyeso Wealth Management Solution, a Private Banking finance solution that designed for helping asset managers to overcome any obstacle and to assist them for a sustainable and profitable business.

Precious Metal Management

The precious metals platform is a system where transactions in stock exchanges, banks, customers, domestic and foreign financial institutions can be managed. Organizations will automate their precious metal transactions and quickly bring them into the financial system.

Treasury Management

Customized treasury management solutions are offered on financial platforms.

R&D Works

New solutions are produced integrated with financial systems.

Our References

Our Team

Thanks to our expert team that growing every day, 
we can keep serve "one-step solutions".

Naci Özkan
Managing Partner
General Director
Yeşim Sonbudak
Managing Partner
Cuneyt Gülener
Emin Uçar
Software Architect
H. Meral Akman
Project Manager
Gürkan Güleç 
Çiğdem Büyükergen
Project Manager
Zafer Şekerci
Software Developer
Nursel Alkan
Software Architect
Önder İlze
Software Developer